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We also, per request, have a sample video clip of the teaching portion of the film. Click here to view it

One of the youngest legendary accordion players, Corey Ledet, has finally produced his own triple row accordion video, featuring four of his hottest songs to date, as well as one extra lagniappe, "Joe Pitre à Deux Femmes" These great songs, shot in High-Definition and CD quality audio mixed with the antics and comedy stylings of Corey Ledet make this film one of our favorite instructional videos ever made. Also, two tracks of audio have been included, one for F-Bb-Eb accordions, and the second track for G-C-F accordions, so no one will be left out. As a little extra lagniappe to the DVD, a short film about Corey Ledet's life and music is included, and his search for Clifton Chenier, visiting Clifton's dancehall and grave, and talking to locals about the legendary king of Zydeco.

Corey's supurb teaching skills have brought him to Augusta Heritage in West Virginia and Louisiana Folk Roots as a teacher, and numerous workshops throughout the world, from Moscow, Russia to Paris, France, and back to Parks, Louisiana.

Price: $30 (plus shipping)

Featuring the following songs
1. Jolie Blonde • 2. Bye Bye Catin • 3. Zydeco Boogaloo • 4. Boudin Man • 5. Joe Pitre a Deux Femmes